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Autopsy Saw KSM 5000

The oscillating autopsy saw KSM 5000 with waterproof handpiece offers an integrated exhaust ventilation and a fine particulate air filter unit, and qualifies
for use in pathology, orthopaedics and surgery.


The KSM 5000 autopsy saw is a high-performing device for use in different medical sectors. Various protective settings enlighten the usage and make for safe operations.

  • No dust or splashing hazard, no aerosol effect due to ultra-safe negative pressure extraction and three stage filtering of particles down to 0.6 µ
  • Protection from infection risks by certified 99.997% efficiency easy handling of the vacuum filter system by spacious disposable filter bag (7 litres) which can be removed while the machine is still running
  • Hermetically sealed the handpiece can be fully immersed in recommended sterilising or disinfecting agents without disassembly
  • Electrical safety provided by the low voltage (40 V) dc. motor housed within the watertight aluminium handpiece
  • Mobile filtration unit on chassis with 4 wheels, flexible vacuum cowelling and vacuum hose
  • Protection from injuries by exact positioning of the oscillating saw
  • Great variety of applications due to the choice of different saw blades
  • Fatigue-free working because of the ergonomic shape and extremely low noise of the saw

An optional vacuum unit serves to absorb particels till 0.6µ. Filterbags can be changed without any risks.

Among the orthopaedical cutting machines, the KSM 5000 is one of the quietest devices avaible at the moment.

Technical data KSM 5000:

Vacuum unit:  

  • Motor: 750 watts
  • Container capacity: 7 l
  • Air volume open (max): 32 l/sec
  • Dimensions:  
    • Height incl. handle: 940 mm
    • Width: 530 mm
  • Weight: 11.5 kg

Power supply:  

  • Input voltage: 240 VA or 110VA 
  • Output voltage: 40Vdc (handpiece)
  • Length cable: 4 m
  • Weight: 1.7 kg
  • Protection: IP 65


  • Oszillating speed: 13,200 x /min. (no load)
  • Noise: 37 dB (A)
  • Weight: 1.3 kg
  • Protection: IP 67 (handpiece)


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