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Film Coverslipping Machine Twister

Film Coverslipping Machine Twister
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Key Product Features


  • Simple setting of parameters via touch screen
  • Processing of up to 1,200 slides per hour
  • 20 or 30 slides baskets can be used
  • Integrated charcoal filter
  • Reliable operating
  • Easy loading and unloading through a cut-out


Product Specifications


With the Film Coverslipping Machine Twister, MEDITE has created a device that offers high performance and reliable coverslipping with superior optical quality.

The clear transparent front doors allow full view of the process and easy access for the replacement of the coverslipping film. For the frequently accessed loading station, there is a cutout in the door to easily access the station. The door handles are designed in a modern stainless steel finish. Quick and easy setting of the parameters (e. g. coverslipping length) is done per Touch Display.

The Twister permits the use of slide baskets with 20 or 30 pcs. capacity. A total of 1,200 slides per hour can be processed. Empty baskets and baskets with finished slides are automatically detected and transported to the output tray.

The required amount of Xylene can be individually regulated, even during the coverslipping process. Furthermore, a bottle ensures that excess Xylene can be safely collected and disposed of.

For fume exhaust, the Twister can be connected to an external ventilation system, or an integrated charcoal filter can be used.


Technical Data

Slide Basket Size: 20 or 30 pcs.

Coverslipping time: ca. 3 seconds

Dimensions (W/D/H): 730 x 310 x 545 mm

Weight: 65.5 kg

Power Supply: 115 V


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