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Paraffin Filtering Automat L15

Paraffin Filtering Automat for savings of up to 50%




Paraffin Recycling Automat L15
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Key product features

This unique instrument presents multiple advantages for the routine histology laboratory.
It serves to avoid the complicated and time-consuming melting of paraffin using Bunsen burners, incubators or pots and helps saving space in the laboratory. As the special filter cartridge retains all residues, even old blocks can be melted down.

Adding the same quantity of fresh paraffin, the obtained filtered paraffin can be used again without any remarkable loss of quality. The large working space below the safety spigot enables easy paraffin dispensing.

Technical data

Filter life time:
approx. 3 to 6 month (depending on application)

Operation volume paraffin tank:
15 liters

Dimensions overall (W / D / H): 390 x 590 x 550 mm

Temperature variable: +20° C to +90° C

Weight: 19 kg

Power supply: 115-230 V / 50/60 Hz / 800 VA


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