Electronic Diamond Scriber EDS 20

Handy engraving pen

The handy EDS 20 Electronic Diamond Scriber can be used for effortlessly inscribing and marking glass (such as microscope slides), metal and other materials in the laboratory, in industry, science and technology.

Automatic on and off switching

The precision instrument with its robust aluminum housing and low weight of only 80 g is particularly characterized by its intuitive and easy handling. The engraving mechanism activates automatically as soon as it is picked up and brought into the writing position. When it is put back down, the device switches off itself.

Two high-quality types of engraving tips are available for using the EDS 20 in the various areas of application.

Technical Data

  • Casing: anodized aluminum
  • Drive Shaft: stainless steel in special ball bearings
  • Dimensions Overall (L/Ø): 150 mm / 20 mm
  • Weight: ca. 80 g
  • Power Supply: 115 – 230 V / 50 ‒ 60 Hz / 65VA