MSP 150 Slide Printer

Printing is the easiest way for long-lasting labelling of microscope slides. With the MSP Slide Printer and its UV laser printing technology, slides can be labelled super-fast with a durable inscription.

Using print for labelling microscope slides eliminates the risk of errors caused by misleading handwriting. All relevant information can be printed as text and barcode. The print speed is at ca. 3 seconds per slide. Printed information is particularly durable and eliminates errors caused by illegible manual markings. By using the MSP Slide Printer with its UV laser printing, no further accessories (e. g. ink supply) are needed. Not only does this reduce the utility expenses significantly, there is also no risk of ink-related errors such as smudging, untimely color fading, ink blackouts or else.

The magazine is easy to load and can hold a capacity of up to 150 microscope slides. A second magazine is included to continuously maintain the printing process. The slide output on the front of the MSP Slide Printer fits up to 50 slides. Sorted by the concept of first in – first out, the first printed slide remains on top while the following slides come out below in chronological order of print.

The MSP Slide Printer can be connected to existing information systems (LIS/HIS/PIS).

Technical Data

  • Print Technology: UV Laser Print
  • Load Mode: Magazine loading
  • Slide Type: any type
  • Input Slot Capacity: 150 slides per magazine (second magazine included)
  • Output Slot Capacity: max. 50 slides
  • Print Speed: 3 seconds/slide
  • Print Accuracy: 2500 dpi
  • Connection System: USB, Network Port, or WIFI
  • Operation System: LINUX System
  • System Interface: Compatible with LIS/HIS/PIS
  • External Device: External barcode and mobile scanning and printing
  • Environmental Temperature: 10 °C – 35 °C
  • Dimensions (W/D/H): 200 x 470 x 388 mm
  • Weight: ca. 15 kg (net weight)
  • Power Supply: 100 – 240 V / 50/60 Hz