Semi-Automatic Cryostat M630

Frozen sections quick and easy

The Cryostat M630 is an extensively equipped laboratory device for high-speed cryo sections with a powerful cooling unit and a high-precision, semi-automatic microtome. The standard model comes with a specimen clamp with fine adjustment, and UV light disinfection. With plenty of free room at knee height, the Cryostat M630 can be used in a sitting position as well as standing position. As special feature, two fixed height adjustments are available, in order to adjust the Cryostat M630 as best as possible to the comfort of the main user.

The cooling chamber of the Cryostat M630 is illuminated with an LED light strip, the brightness of which can be dimmed up or down. The powerful cooling unit reaches a temperature of down to -35 °C. Inside the cooling chamber is a deep freezing rail with 15 positions for tissue samples. This includes two quick freeze positions that can cool down to 20 °C below chamber temperature and can be set separately. Additionally, an electronically cooled specimen clamp (separately available) can be used that reaches down to -45 °C (at a cooling chamber temperature of -35 °C). This means that the tissue sample can be cooled down even faster for sectioning when necessary. The cooling chamber is closed with a safety glass pane that is heated and thus prevents the formation of condensation on the pane.Microtome and cooling chamber are operated and set using two separate touch displays. They are positioned above the cooling chamber for easy access and intuitive to use.

The Cryostat M630 can be defrosted automatically using a timer function or manually. The smooth stainless steel surfaces of the cooling chamber allow easy cleaning and disinfection. Any condensation that may arise during operation is drained to a collecting bottle via the integrated drainage system.

Ergonomic design and useful accessories

An easy-going handwheel is included for using the microtome. It is lockable to prevent unintentional movements, protecting samples and users. The horizontal feed and sample retraction are motorized.

A fine adjustment mechanism is already integrated as standard with the specimen clamp holder. The specimen clamp can be aligned horizontally and vertically and is characterized by its particular stability. The blade holder can be easily corrected using an angle mark. The blade clamp is adjustable via grids in order to use the blade precisely and to its full extent. It also has a manual guard.

The Cryostat M630 has low energy consumption and is both resource-saving and quiet. The scope of delivery includes four sample holders, a magnetic brush for the safe exchange of microtome blades and a sample pack of microtome blades. Blade holders for low or high profile blades and two different sizes of anti-roll guides are available separately.

  • Fine Section Thickness Setting Range: from 1 μm to 100 μm in 1 μm steps
  • Trimming Section Thickness Setting Range:
    • from 5 μm to 100 μm in 5 μm steps
    • from 100 μm to 500 μm in 50 μm steps
  • Specimen Retraction: 25 μm
  • Horizontal Specimen Feed: 30 mm
  • Vertical Stroke: 70 mm
  • Specimen Orientation: 360° in Z and 8° in X and Y axes
  • Cooling Capacity: down to -35 °C (+/- 1 °C) at a room temperature of 20 °C
  • Defrost Function: automatically (time controlled) or manually
  • Deep Freezing Rail: 15 positions, including 2 quick freeze positions
  • Temperature Quick Freeze Positions: ca. 20 °C below chamber temperature
  • Working Height (front edge of cooling chamber): 1,035 mm standard, adjustments possible
  • Dimensions (W/D/H): 650 x 840 x 1120 mm
  • Weight: ca. 127 kg
  • Power Supply:
    • 230 V / 50 – 60 Hz
    • 115 V / 50 – 60 Hz