Semi-automatic Rotary Microtome M530

High-precision Microtomy made in Germany

The semi-automatic Microtome M530 is the standard device for use in histology and histopathology as well as in research laboratories and in industrial quality assurance. Horizontal feed and retraction are motorized while the vertical cutting stroke is carried out manually, using a smooth-running handwheel. This enables an adapted and sensitive cutting movement, controlled by the user. The handwheel can easily be locked in any position using a spring lever.The proven, high-precision microtome mechanics of the Microtome M530 are developed and produced in Germany, and ensure maximum sectioning quality for continuously high sample throughput.The device impresses with its high functionality and attractive design that is focused on offering optimal ease of use. Relevant settings can be adjusted via the intuitively operated membrane keyboard with digital display. You can switch between fine and coarse adjustment at the push of a button. Up to three sectioning positions can be saved with the memory function and approached again at the push of a button. The retraction can be selected variably. Sections are automatically counted.

Smart details for easy handling

A fine adjustment mechanism is already integrated as standard feature of the specimen clamp holder. The specimen clamp can be aligned horizontally and vertically and is characterized by its particular stability. The blade holder can be easily corrected using an angle mark. The blade clamp is adjustable via grids for precise and complete use of the blade and has a manual guard.Section waste is collected in the large tray at the front of the Microtome M530 to keep the work area free. It can easily be removed for emptying and cleaning.Overall, the Microtome M530 enables high-quality sections to be produced quickly and safely thanks to its precise operation. Included in the delivery is a pack of sample blades, and a helpful brush with a magnet that makes it easier to safely replace the sharp microtome blades.Different versions of specimen clamps and blade holders are available separately depending on the application and customer requirements.

Technical Data

  • Fine Section Thickness Setting Range:
    • from 0.5 μm to 5 μm in 0.5 μm steps
    • from 5 μm to 100 μm in 1 μm steps
  • Trimming Section Thickness Setting Range:
    • from 0 μm to 100 μm in 5 μm steps
    • from 100 μm to 600 μm in 50 μm steps
  • Horizontal Specimen Feed: 30 mm
  • Vertical Stroke: 70 mm
  • Object Clamp Fine Adjustment: 0 – 8° in X / Y axis
  • Blade Holder Setting Angle: mechanically 0 – 15°, marked 6 – 12°
  • Dimensions incl. Tray (W/D/H): 377 x 530 x 281 mm
  • Weight ca. 27 kg
  • Power Supply: 110 … 240 VAC / 50 ‒ 60 Hz